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Warren Park Nursery - Welcome


Age of Children 3 months to 5 years

Open All Year 8:00am — 6:00pm Including Term Time Only

Children of all ages can access the gardens, and this important area is set up for those children who really enjoy being outside with areas of interest. Key Carer arrangements support all our children throughout nursery to become secure, confident, learners. Good links have been developed with all

Our feeder schools helping both children and Parent/Carers through this transition.

Baby room

Experienced Practitioners work with Parents/Carers to provide 'like home" care, ensuring routines for sleeping and eating are tailored for your child.

Milk feeds are provided by parents, weaning foods can be provided.

Children are always placed in the same cot with their own bedding set provided to ensure good hygiene.

Routines are flexible to suit the needs of individual children in Daily activities such as walks, outdoor and 'messy' play to help develop young minds.

Nursery focus is on the language and communication explosion and developing the growing independence that comes to the fore at this age.
Activities are always changing,
having a go across a range of experiences is encouraged.

The 3-5’s room offers children the opportunity to participate in activities which they have planned and contributed to. Activities are based on children’s interests with children leading their own learning.

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